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Blue Label

Butch Blue Label is delicious meal using high quality ingredients delivering all the energy, vitality and health your cats and dogs need throughout their entire lives naturally.

Available in 800gm / 2kg

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Ginger Tom Fresh Lamb

Ginger Tom Fresh Lamb is a moisture rich diet with fresh lamb, fresh chicken and cereals. Its delicious aroma will leave your cat waiting for meal time.

Available in 600 gm.

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Ginger Tom Whole Fish

Ginger Tom Whole Fish consists of fresh lamb, whole fish, fresh chicken and cereals giving your cat the pleasure of eating fresh meat and complete nutrition.

Available in 600 gm.

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Hound Log

Hound Log consists of fresh NZ meat seared quickly on a hot skillet to lock in the flavours giving it that tantalizing taste your cat and dog will love. Hound Log Bar-B-Que is nutritionally complete for both cats and dogs 1 Year +.

Available in 2.6kg

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Common Featuresof every Butch product

icoMoisture Rich

We all know to be healthy and to prevent disease we must drink clean fresh water and eat moisture rich foods. This is also true for your cats and dogs. Water is their most essential nutrient as it’s required for almost every biochemical reaction in their bodies. Not only is eating moisture rich food easier to digest and gentler on their bodies, it helps to keep them naturally hydrated and healthy.

In natural life, cats and dogs would eat a diet with a moisture level of approx 73%. The moisture level of Butch rolls is carefully maintained throughout the cooking process to ensure that it is kept at the optimum level. Other common features of Butch [+]


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