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The Problem with Dog Food Reviews

Dog food reviews have at least one critical shortcoming. They can never reveal the true quality of the ingredients that were used to make the products they attempt to judge. And that can be a real problem ...read more

New system tracks pet food problems

In response to the 2007 melamine-contaminated pet food episode believed to have been the cause of death of hundreds of U.S. dogs and cats, a new web-based information exchange system went online this week to help federal and state health officials report and share incidents involving pet food-related illnesses or product defects. ...read more

Dry Pet Food: Keep It from Getting You Sick

(CBS) Feeding your pet is an everyday task you may not think twice about -- but maybe you should. ...read more

Pet food - What am I feeding?

(CBS/AP) As many as one in six animals died in tests of suspect dog and cat food by the manufacturer last month after complaints the products were poisoning pets around the country, the government said Monday. ...read more

What's Really in Pet Food?

Plump whole chickens, choice cuts of beef, fresh grains, and all the wholesome nutrition your dog or cat will ever need....read more

Common Features of every Butch product

icoLightly Cooked

Butch rolls are lightly cooked between 80 - 98 degrees celsius for not less than 15 minutes. This not only ensures the safety of the meat but as it is cooked for only a short time it maintains the integrity of the nutrients. Note: Canned Pet Food is cooked for over an hour at 120ºC. Dry Pet Food is either baked at over 200 ºC or pressure-cooked at extremely high temperatures. Other common features of Butch [+]

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