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Moisture Rich

2. Moisture Rich

A moisture rich diet helps to prevent disease, heal health conditions and
support a healthy body. Water is your pet‘s most essential nutrient and is
required for almost every biochemical reaction in their bodies. In natural life
dogs and cats eat a moisture rich diet, fresh meat, which has a moisture level
just over 70%, the same as Butch rolls. In addition to a moisture rich food,
always have clean, fresh water available. The quality of your pet’s stool is a
sign of health and hydration. A healthy stool is a good size, soft and
comfortably passed.

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Common Features of every Butch product

icoFresh NZ Meat

Our selection of fresh lamb and chicken is collected from NZFSA licensed establishments daily and is processed within hours. Our factory is licensed by NZFSA, whose officer’s frequent visits ensure all preparation, cooking, processing, packing and procedures meet their exacting requirements. Other common features of Butch [+]


We are convinced that without the help of Butch,...."

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